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    Activities to prevent school violence

    We visited Simon Jenko Primary School in Kranj to learn about their work to prevent school violence


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    We are Europe!

    Teachers and students at Liceul ASM in Chisinau, Moldova, work every day to make their school and society more democratic through debates, dance and human rights activities.


«Educating for democracy and human rights»

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29/ Jan/ 2016

Student interest in Competences for a Democratic Culture

EWC’s Claudia Lenz gave a lecture on Council of Europe work on EDC/HRE for about 100 student teachers at the “Week of Democracy” organized by the Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo.

29/ Jan/ 2016

Dembra goes national in Norway

Dembra is expanding into a national Norwegian programme with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Education. On January 7-8,  EWC co-organized a workshop for staff from the Rafto Foundation in Bergen and Falstadsenteret in Trøndelag to transfer knowledge and exchange ideas to prepare their regional Dembra-activities starting autumn 2016.

28/ Jan/ 2016

Trained for Schools for Democracy

On January 24-29, EWC carried out a training of trainers for 30 experienced Ukrainian educators in Lviv, Ukraine. The training marked the start of the first cycle of the three year National Programme in Education for Democratic Citizenship "Schools for Democracy" in Ukraine. The program is a partnership between EWC, the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine and the Council of Europe.


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