195 participants at first Schools for Democracy trainings in 2018

“To find out what kind of education we need one should ask oneself a question - in what kind of society do we want to live in the future?” Svitlana Klapushynska, school head at Pervomayska school in Mykolaiv region of Ukraine said.
Her school was one of 48 schools taking part in the six trainings in January and February, marking the start of the “Schools for Democracy: Supporting Educational Reforms in Ukraine 2018-2021” Programme.

“We have managed to set up a team of supporters convinced that modern education is more than traditional knowledge transfer, it’s a place of constant work on improvement of relations among all stakeholders who listen to and respect each other, and al important decisions are discussed and accepted by all parties together. So, let’s begin our work and embrace democratic practices in our school, she added.

All in all 195 participants took part in the training, involving 49 trainers and programme coordinators in 30 days of intense and inspiring work. Another school which took part, was Kakhovka secondary school No2 from the Kherson region.

School head, Halyna Solomakhina, asked herself:

“What is democracy? Is it a chaos or a path leading to changes? No one can provide you with a recipe on how to become a democratic school. Yet everyone without any doubt would like to live in a democratic society filled with trust, order, respect for the values and the rule of law. We are looking forward to meeting our trainers at school for the first workshop at our school premises later this year.”

EWC’s National Programme in Education for Democratic Citizenship in Ukraine was developed as a supporting tool in launching systemic reforms of the secondary education in Ukraine and aims at promoting democratic culture at school. During 3 years up to 120 schools will implement democratization projects focusing on integration of EDC/HRE into the teaching and learning process, strengthening democratic governance of schools, building partner relations with the local community, developing a more participatory and inclusive environment at school. The Programme also trains national trainers to support implementation of the Council of Europe Charter in EDC/HRE in Ukraine.

The Programme is designed to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between schools from all the regions in Ukraine. It is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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