Participants at the 2017 Baltic Regional Summer Academy

Enhancing Democracy and Social Inclusion in Baltic Schools

School teams from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia united forces to deal with new challenges caused by changing social realities at the 2017 Baltic Regional Summer Academy in Jelgava, Latvia.

In the fast-evolving work and social environments of today young people are required not only to study facts and acquire knowledge but are also expected to develop democratic competences needed for active participation in diverse societies, such as cooperation skills, analytical and critical thinking skills, ability to make independent decisions and flexibility.

The Baltic Regional Summer Academy “Building Safe and Inclusive Schools For All” aims to give participants new insights and strengthen their motivation and skills to engage in projects to enhance democracy and social inclusion at their schools.

This year’s academy took place in Jelgava in Latvia July 1-7 and included 2 teams from Estonia, 4 from Lithuania and 3 from Latvia.

“The teams were at different stages of school development, most of them were beginners in the field of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education, but one thing that united them, was a strong motivation to develop democratic processes in their schools and local communities, and to learn about intercultural understanding and challenges caused by new social realities”, said academy trainer, Ulrike Wolff-Jontofsohn.

During the academy, the teams drafted action plans for projects that will promote democratic changes both at school and within the local community. Three teams focused on diversity and social inclusion.

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