Participants at the seminar

Inspired by school visit in Montenegro

The 33 participants at the seminar “Citizenship Education” had the opportunity to visit a local school - Gimnazija Niko Rolovic in Bar, Montenegro. The visit illustrated how the concepts and materials discussed during the five day seminar, can be applied in practice.

The visit, organised with support of Ms. Vidosava Kašćelan (Bureau for Education Services, Montengero), allowed the participants to hear more about the school’s developments and main activities as presented by the principlal Ms. Djonović Marija as well as about the main projects in citizenship and human rights, including activities aimed at the development of the competences for democratic culture of learners, as presented by a teacher Ms. Vujović Slavica

In addition the school team introduced a video produced and performed by the school students called “Do not mock”  promoting an inclusive and friendly atmosphere at school – created as a part of the Council or Europe project “Democratic School Governance for Inclusion: a whole community approach”.

The visit was further enriched by the possibility to enjoy the wonderful murals decorating the school walls, painted by students and to visit a class, where a student read excerpts from Tatiana’s letter to Onegin in Serbian!

Once again we thank the trainer team for their amazing work and dedication during the seminar, the participants for their active participation, the school community for their hospitality and the Bureau for Education Services for the ongoing support of EWC activities!

The seminar is an event of the “Practicing Citizenship” programme implemented in partnership with the Association of the Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe. Among the topics covered and materials that were used were the Council of Europe Charter on Citizenship and Human Rights Education, Council of Europe Reference Framework for Competences of Democratic Culture, the main approaches and values of citizenship and human rights education, Children’s rights and Inclusive and Multicultural education.

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