Norway increases support for education for democracy

There is a substantial demand for education for democratic citizenship, human rights and intercultural understanding in Europe which is also reflected in the higher level of activities provided by the European Wergeland Centre. Recognising this situation, Norway has increased the core funding of the centre with 1,3 million kroner (NOK) in the National Budget for 2020. In addition, it increases the funding of the programme “22 July and Democratic Citizenship” to 5 million NOK (up 60%).

“The increased support gives The European Wergeland Centre and partners the possibility of scaling up the activities next year. EWC has experienced a considerable demand for large scale capacity building programmes on education for democratic citizenship and human rights in Europe the last years. The growth in core funding improves the centre’s ability to meet this demand”, Ana Perona-Fjeldstad, EWC Executive Director said. 

In the National budget for 2020 the Ministry of Education expands the support for the ’22 July and democratic citizenship’ programme to 5 000 000 NOK. Using the terror attacks in Norway 22 July 2011 as a starting point, the programme encourages young people, teachers and other educators to stand up against discrimination, hate speech and extremism through tools and strategies based on education for democratic citizenship and human rights. The programme is a partnership with the learning - and commemoration centres at Utøya and in Oslo.

 “The extended funding will give more students and teachers the opportunity to participate, which is good news, since we already have schools on waiting lists”, says programme manager, Ingrid Aspelund. 

 The 22 July Centre in Oslo also received increased support for developing further as a learning centre. The centre is one of EWC’s partners in the ’22 July and democratic citizenship programme’, together with Utøya and the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights. 

 “The overall rise in support shows the Norwegian authorities commitment to not forget about 22 July 2011, and to make sure that future generations learn about the terror attack, participate in activities at the learning- and commemoration centres at Utøya and the Government quarter in Oslo, and promote education for democracy and human rights”, says Perona-Fjeldstad. 

 In 2020 the EWC and partners will organise more than 10 workshops with students and teachers from Norwegian Lower Secondary schools from all the country. Here you will find more information about the national learning programme and activities (in Norwegian). 

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