Rising Interest in the Schools for Democracy in Ukraine

Having learned about the National Programme in Education for Democratic Citizenship, teachers, parents and pupils of Vynohradiv secondary school №3 have decided to work on implementation of democratic changes in their school on their own.

A representative of the National network of trainers, Mr Andriy Vyshnyak, volunteered to conduct the EDC/HRE training in Vynogradiv, although this school is not participating in the Programme.

The educators from Vynogradiv school initiated this event. “I am truly happy that we come across the schools seeking for experts and willing to introduce changes in their school life”, noted Mr Vyshnyak. 

Ms Natalya Godvan, school’s deputy director, has approached our expert and asked to learn more about the Programme, its methodology and tools. Teachers, pupils and representatives of parents association took part in the introductory meeting. According to Mr Andriy, secondary school №3 in Vynogradiv is by all means resembling the other schools participating in the Programme’s first cycle, as schools are facing similar challenges all over Ukraine. However, because the main language used in this school is Hungarian, the support and cooperation with partners from Hungary is quite vivid. 

During the training participants were keen to find out which measures should be taken to make their school more democratic and modern. The issues of democratization of relations among the educational staff as well as democratization of teacher-pupil relations were also raised. “This training helped us realize that we are moving forward in the right direction – direction which will help us make our school more democratic”, said Natalya Godvan. 

Thus, the school’s working group will develop detailed action plan for introducing further democratic changes, whereas our EDC/HRE trainer agreed to provide guidance and assistance when needed.

Monica Nibilevych concluded that due to this meeting “The educators realized that only by establishing partnerships with parents, local authorities and local community we can make positive changes in our school and community together".

More about the school.

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