Schools for Democracy Programme in Ukraine Activity Report 2016-2017

EWC is glad to present the Report for activities in the Schools for Democracy Programme in Ukraine 2016-2017, a period in which the programme has offered assistance to the national curriculum reform and school reform in the country.

Key results during 2016-2017:

National Curriculum Reform:

• Translated into Ukrainian the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights in cooperation with Nova Doba Association and EU/CoE Joint Eastern Partnership Programme

• Contributed with inclusion of democratic competences in the new National Curriculum currently being developed in the New Ukrainian School Reform Group – Curriculum Draft for primary school open for public hearing here – read Khrystyna Chushak’s interview for Hromadske Radio

• Contributed to renewal of the national learning programmes in Citizenship Education for 10-11 grades, in cooperation with a team of organizations

• Civic Responsibility manual for teachers prepared for publishing, facilitating inclusion of education for democratic citizenship and human rights as a cross-curricular topic in the updated national learning programmes for 12 subjects in 5-9 grades.

The Manual has been officially recommended for use in schools starting from 2017/2018 and will potentially be applied in 17000 schools.

Civic Responsibility: 80 exercises for development of civic and social competences at various school subjects. 5-9 grades. Manual for teachers / Rafalska, M., Boyarchuk, O., Herasym N. - European Wergeland Centre. – Kyiv, 2017

School Reform:

• Innovative Tool for Democratic School Development elaborated. The Tool comprises 26 quality standards for schools fostering democratic culture. – available in Ukrainian here

It is used by schools in the Programme for self-assessment of the initial situation (baseline study), setting goals for improvement, evaluation of progress, evaluation of changes, reflection and setting further goals.

Presented as one of the best democratic innovations in education at the World Forum for Democracy, 2016 in Strasbourg – read article about the team’s participation

• Recommendations for schools to develop competences for democratic culture using the Council of Europe tools and approaches to EDC/HRE

• 74 schools from all 24 oblasts of Ukraine, except for Crimea, in the Programme Network working on year projects and introducing democratic changes in their schools, in such areas as:

-Participatory decision-making
-Democracy learning in the school curriculum
-Democratic and safe learning environment
-Partnerships with local community

• 312 school workshops on topics related to education for democratic citizenship and human rights carried out, 9 trainings for school teams, reaching to 4500 direct participants

• 40 trainers united in the Programme Network, trained and supported to work as trainers and mentors at schools

Download the full activity report here:

The Programme is carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway. The aim of the Programme is to support democratization and decentralization reforms in education in Ukraine. For more information -

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