“Schools for Democracy: Supporting Educational Reforms in Ukraine 2018-2021

EWC is launching a new enhanced programme in Ukraine aiming to support democratic school reforms. The Programme will run from 2018 until 2021 and build on the experience of the Schools for Democracy programme which started in 2015. It will be supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway. 

The programme will be carriedout in close cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science and focus on four major areas:

• Democratic development of schools
• Piloting of the new national curriculum for 5-9 grades
• Developing online resources for learning democracy
• Strengthening policy outreach and quality assurance

At the planning meeting with Minister of Education Liliia Hrynevych and Deputy Minister Pavlo Khobzey, EWCs Ana Perona-Fjeldstad pointed out that currently this is the largest programme of the EWC portfolio and she is sure that it will trigger many positive changes in the Ukrainian schools. Suggesting to set up a Contact group between EWC and the Ministry of Education, Lilia Hrynevych thanked Norwegian Ambassador to Ukraine Mr Ole T Horpestad for the continued Norwegian support of educational reforms in Ukraine and expressed her high appreciation of the successful cooperation with the European Wergeland Centre in building the New Ukrainian School.

It is expected that during upcoming years, the new Programme will facilitate implementation of school reforms in the country, contribute to development of educational policy, strengthen school autonomy and democratic governance, develop new materials for development of democratic competences, strengthen capacity of regional teacher trainings institutes and NGOs offering professional development programs for teachers, as well as support dialogue and cooperation between educators in different regions of Ukraine.

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