Youth work against violent radicalization

Youth work is often challenged to respond to the rising extremism in Europe. On April 9-12th, EWC is co-organizing a training at Utøya, Norway, aiming to teach how building democratic competences can be used in youth work to prevent violent extremism and radicalization.

Through building positive relationships, youth workers play an important role in supporting the self-development of young people.

The training will bring together youth workers from 12 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. It offers tools and strategies for engaging young people in human rights and democratic citizenship. It builds on the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture, developed by the Council of Europe, and explores how building these competences can strengthen the resilience of youth against violent extremism and radicalization. It will provide concrete tools for use in everyday youth work and the capacity to train other youth workers in these tools.

The training will take place on Utøya. On 22 July 2011, 69 young people lost their lives and many more were wounded by a terrorist attack on a youth camp at this island. Utøya symbolizes how important it is to defend and shape democracy every day. This makes Utøya a special place for young people to reflect on what democracy means to them, what challenges our democracies face and how young people can promote democratic values and practices. Today, Utøya hosts a learning centre which offers trainings to young people in Norway and the rest of Europe.

The training on will be followed by an international training for youth workers hosted by NA SK (Youth work against violent radicalization: The role of democratic competences – focus on Visegrad 4 countries).

The training is organized by EWC, Aktiv Ungdom - Erasmus+: Youth in Action Norwegian National Agency and Iuventa – Slovak Youth Institute. This project is financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme (TCA 2018).

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