EWC’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

The Council of Europe has chosen Oslo and the EWC's ten year's anniversary celebration to launch the European Campaign FREE to SPEAK, SAFE to LEARN - Democratic Schools for All. The anniversary conference and campaign launch will be held in Oslo, Norway, 14-16 November 2018.

Kosovo Academy organized for the fourth time

The Kosovo Academy

The Kosovo Academy for Democracy and Human Rights was organized for the fourth time in Pristina at the beginning of October

Training of Trainers for Romania in Oslo

Romania: Building Democratic School Cultures

EWC organized a four day training of trainers for Romanian school advisors, school councilors and teacher trainers in Oslo in October followed by a two day study visit.

Albanian Study Visit

EWC recently organized a study visit in Norway for the Council of Europe programme “Fighting bullying and extremism in the education system in Albania”.

President of Norwegian Parliament visited Schools for Democracy

19 September, President of the Norwegian Parliament, Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen, visited Kyiv School 292 that takes part in the third cycle of EWC's Schools for Democracy Programme in Ukraine.

A fall filled with activities at Utøya

Learning Democracy at Utøya / Teacher Trainings / International Trainings and Workshops

The 22 July and Democratic Citizenship programme is now running at full speed with one activity replacing the other at Utøya this fall.

Panel at the High Level Seminar of PRIO, from left: Prof. Bivan Rdal, PRIO, Director Perona-Fjeldstad, EWC, SG Jagland, CoE,  Stae Secretary Metelko- Zgombic and Rector Samardzija of Croatia.

Minority and Migrant Rights in Europe

EWC Executive Director Ana Perona-Fjeldstad took part in a high level panel at the seminar "Minority and Migrant Rights in Europe in the era of Populism: Boosting Benefits and Addressing Challenges". The seminar was organized by the Croatian embassy in Oslo and PRIO September 10, 2019.

Training for teacher students

EWC organizes a 3 day training for Norwegian teacher students at Utøya November 5-7, 2018.  Participants will learn how to teach about the terror attacks of July 22, 2011 and democratic citizenship. Emphasis will be placed on how to teach about controversial issues.

Teacher training in Iceland

Teaching Controversial Issues in the Nordic Countries

EWC co-organized a teacher training on Teaching Controversial Issues in Reykjavik September 8, 2018. 

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Karl Johans gate 2,
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