Workshops on Competences for Democratic Culture

EWC actively supports piloting of descriptors for the Council of Europe Competences for Democratic Culture (CDC). Workshops introducing CDC to teachers and preparing them for the piloting will be held in a range of European countries this fall.

Apply for "Learning Democracy at Utøya"

Learning Democracy at Utøya

EWC encourages students from 9th and 10th grade at Norwegian lower secondary schools and their teacher to apply for participation at a Learning Democracy training at Utøya this fall. Deadline is September 2.

Apply for the Slovak and Czeck Regional Academy

The Slovak and Czech Regional Academy

School teams can now apply to participate at the Slovak and Czech Regional Academy, a training programme dedicated to building a democratic and inclusive culture in primary schools in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.

Baseline Study Report for Schools for Democracy

EWC has issued a baseline study report for the schools participating in Schools for Democracy, a national programme in Education for Democratic Citizenship in Ukraine.

Hegnhuset opened at Utøya

Learning Democracy at Utøya

Polish and Norwegian youth participated at the opening of the new learning center «Hegnhuset» at Utøya July 19. The training was organized by EWC, Utøya and the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights and is a part of the project “Learning democracy at Utøya”. The day before the polish students visited the 22 July Center in Oslo in which they learned more about July 22, 2011.

Building Inclusive schools for all

The Regional Summer Academies have this year focused on how to build inclusive and democratic schools, responding to the issue of migration and increasingly diverse European societies.

Exchanging views at Utøya

Learning Democracy at Utøya

Youth from Poland and Norway will gather at Utøya to learn about democracy and exchange views on human rights and intercultural understanding July 19, almost to the day five years after the terrorist attack on the Norwegian island.

Successful “Citizenship Education” seminar in Yerevan

EWC in partnership with the Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe carried out the seminar “Citizenship Education” in Yerevan, Armenia June 30 – July 5. The seminar was part of the EWC programme Practicing Citizenship in the Russian Federation. 

EWC at Almedalsveckan: “How to prevent another Utøya?”

Learning Democracy at Utøya

From 4 – 7 July Jennie Holck-Clausen and Ingrid Aspelund from EWC participated in The Almedalen Week (Almedalsveckan) in Gotland, Sweden. The Almedalen Week is considered to be the most important forum in Swedish politics with around 3700 seminars and meetings.

Competences for Democratic Culture and Religion in Education

As a part of its focus on Competences for Democratic Culture, EWC creates links to the field of Religious Education and, more generally, the discussion of Religion in Education in the context of immigration and intercultural learning.

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