Registration open for Learning Democracy at Utøya

Upper secondary students from all over Norway participated in Learning Democracy at Utøya in 2017. Now the registration is open for the gatherings in 2018.

OECD Learning Compass 2030

EWC took part at the informal meeting of the OECD International Working Group Education 2030 in Paris, 23-25 October 2017. Here is a report from EWC senior advisor Iryna Sabor.

Participants from Chmelianske Jakubovany primary school

Focus on inclusion at Slovak Academy

The Slovak Academy Democratic Schools for All took place outside Bratislava October 16-21, 2017. Focus was on building inclusive schools, with particular focus on Roma students.

400 teachers and school heads trained to manage controversy

Teacher Trainings

The project “Teaching Controversial Issues in the Nordic countries” has so far reached up to 400 teachers and school heads.

Valentina Papeikiene at the Baltic Forum. Photo courtesy of Estonian Institute of Human Rights

Report from the Baltic Forum on EDC/HRE

EWC participated in the Baltic Forum on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education, October 17th. Here is a report from the Forum written by EWC Project officer, Valentina Papeikiene.

Jackson upon receiving the doctorate

Jackson receives honorary doctorate

Professor Robert Jackson was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo, October 21.

Participants at the training

Combatting hate speech with human rights narratives

Counter and Alternative Narratives to Hate Speech

Youth leaders and youth workers from 14 European countries gathered at Utøya to learn about counter and alternative narratives to hate speech.

European youth workers, leaders and educators gather on Utøya island to tackle hate speech

Starting from 16th of October, and until October 20, youth workers, leaders and educators from 16 European countries will gather at the Norwegian island of Utøya, the site of the dramatic terror attack of 22 July 2011. They will take part in a training course on fighting hate speech through counter and alternative narratives online and offline.  

Information vs manipulation – How to stand up against propaganda?

Information vs manipulation – How to stand up against propaganda

The kick-off meeting for the EU funded project «Information vs manipulation – How to stand up against propaganda?» took place in Ostrava, Czech Republic 29 September – 1 october. 

Polish and Norwegian students learned from each other at Utøya

29 students and 11 teachers from Poland and Norway gathered in Oslo and at Utøya for three days of democracy learning in September. The international nature of the group changed perspectives and strengthened the peer to peer learning of the training.

Felisa Tibbitts

New ideas & expertise

EWC has recently established an expert group to develop advice on the development of programme proposals and help the centre apply the latest trends and relevant research on its daily work. 

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