Competences for democratic culture published

Since 2013, EWC has been part of the expert group developing the Council of Europe Reference Framework of Competence for Democratic Culture. Now its three volumes are published, offering educators a reference and a toolbox for designing, implementing and evaluating educational interventions. EWC will continue to promote and implement the Framework through our programs. 

The 2018 Democratic Schools for All Survey

The Education Policy Division of the Council of Europe is launching the survey on Democratic schools for All, in the framework of the new education campaign “Free to Speak, Safe to Learn” Democratic Schools for All. The campaign aims to highlight the commitment to democratic values and principles in the life and culture of schools while identifying and sharing good practices from all Council of Europe member States.

Democratic competences against violent radicalization

Trainings for Youth Workers

Erasmus +: Aktiv Ungdom, The European Wergeland Centre (EWC) and IUVENTA - Slovak Youth Institute, organised an international training on the role of youth work and democratic competences in prevention of radicalization and violent extremism. The training brought together 24 youth workers and educators from 12 different countries in which different understandings of radicalization of young people in Europe were discussed, levels of prevention were introduced and the model of competences for democratic culture was explored.

New cycle of Practicing Citizenship

Practicing Citizenship

The new cycle of the Practicing Citizenship programme was launched at the Council of Europe Youth Centre in Budapest, February 5 - March 2. The snowy and chilly weather outside of the meeting venue was an absolute contrast to the vigorous and warm atmosphere at the “Citizenship Education: new developments of the Council of Europe” seminar, which united 49 education professionals and experts from the Russian Federation, Poland, Norway, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Looking at history to understand the present

Information vs manipulation – How to stand up against propaganda

Students and teachers from different high schools in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary study historical examples of propaganda and how people can stand up against it. The project aims to build a mutual understanding and a shared European identity among the participants.

Youth work against violent radicalization

Trainings for Youth Workers

Youth work is often challenged to respond to the rising extremism in Europe. On April 9-12th, EWC is co-organizing a training at Utøya, Norway, aiming to teach how building democratic competences can be used in youth work to prevent violent extremism and radicalization.

195 participants at first Schools for Democracy trainings in 2018

Democratization of Schools

“To find out what kind of education we need one should ask oneself a question - in what kind of society do we want to live in the future?” Svitlana Klapushynska, school head at Pervomayska school in Mykolaiv region of Ukraine said.
Her school was one of 48 schools taking part in the six trainings in January and February, marking the start of the “Schools for Democracy: Supporting Educational Reforms in Ukraine 2018-2021” Programme.

22 July and Democratic Citizenship in Teacher Education

Teacher Trainings

EWC, the 22 July Centre and Utøya organize a training for students from Teacher Education at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), University of Oslo and OsloMet 15-16 March. The aim of the training is to provide future teachers with the competences, knowledge and skills to teach about 22 July and democratic citizenship.

“Free to speak, Safe to Learn - Democratic schools for All“

In 2018 the Council of Europe Education Department and the European Wergeland Centre will launch a new education campaign: “Free to speak, Safe to Learn: Democratic schools for All”. 

New Project on Democratic Competences at Pedagogic Universities

Schools for Democracy in Ukraine

In January 2018 the EWC launched a new joint project within the Schools for Democracy Programme – “Competences for Democratic Culture in Pre-Service Training in Ukraine”. The Project will be aimed at a deeper integration of civic and social competences into universities courses of the future primary school teachers. The Project will be carried out in cooperation with Borys Grinchenko University of Kyiv and Center of Education Monitoring (Kyiv).

Bringing together organizations working with civic education in Ukraine

Schools for Democracy in Ukraine

On Jan 25, the EWC programme “Schools for Democracy: Supporting Educational Reforms in Ukraine 2018-2021” organized a meeting for the community of practice working in the field of civic education in Ukraine. 

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