Need for curricula changes at schools in Ukraina

Schools for Democracy in Ukraine

Schools participating in the Schools for Democracy Programme in Ukraine want stronger integration of democratic citizenship and human rights into the curricula and further steps in developing democratic school governance. 

Trained their class mates after Utøya

Learning Democracy at Utøya

After participating at a training course on Utøya, students from Frydenberg Secondary School used what they had learned to train their fellow students. Through inter-active exercises they facilitated discussions in the classroom about democratic values, human rights and inclusion.

Norwegian students learned from peers in Poland

EWC and Polish NGO Szansa recently organized a study trip where Norwegian youth exchanged experiences and learned from Polish students how to prevent and combat hate speech online.

Over 60 workshops at the Schools for Democracy

More than 60 school workshops have been carried out at the Schools for Democracy in Ukraine. Our National Coordinator writes about her impressions from one of them.

Strengthened collaboration with Slovakia

EWC hosted a training based on the Council of Europe manual Bookmarks for 40 Slovak teachers in Oslo earlier this April. The training is a sign of the strengthening of ties between the centre and the Slovak Ministry of Education who are looking into the possibility of jointly organizing an academy type training on education for democratic citizenship and human rights in 2016.

Democracy and Human Rights trainings at Utøya

Last week EWC held the first of a series of workshops at Utøya, where 69 young people lost their lives and many more were wounded by a terrorist attack 22 July 2011. The island symbolizes how important it is to defend and shape democracy every day.

European ministers back new tool for securing democracy through education

Education ministers from across the continent have given their backing to the new Framework of Competences for a Democratic Culture, which aims to help teach democracy and democratic values in schools and other settings.

Democratic school projects implemented in Kosovo*

School teams from the first Kosovo Academy on education for human rights and democratic citizenship are successfully implementing projects, involving students, teachers, parents and the local community.

First training on Descriptors for Competences for Democratic Culture

The first Council of Europe workshop for teacher educators on the Council of Europe’s Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture (CDC) took place in Strasbourg, France, March 15-16th. EWC’s Claudia Lenz was one of the trainers at the seminar.

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