New Course in Bergen: Education for Democracy

EWC is contributing to a new course called Education for Democracy at Bergen University College. “Education for Democracy» will motivate teachers to face and deal with the many challenges of the school of tomorrow and find new solutions and creative ways of work in their classrooms.

Apply for the Regional Summer Academies

We now welcome applications for the 2016 editions of the Regional Summer Academies from school teams. 

Apply for the Regional Summer Academy in Montenegro

It is now possible to submit applications for participation at the Regional Summer Academy for South East Europe, which will take place in Cetinje, Montenegro June 19-26, 2016.

Preparing for changes

The first trainings at Schools for Democracy, a national programme in education for democratic citizenship in Ukraine, are well underway and the participants are getting ready to implement changes in their schools across the country.

Apply for the Baltic Regional Summer Academy

The call for the Regional Summer Academy for the Baltics is now out. Apply online before May 2, 2016.

History Education and Human Rights Education

The 3rd Polish-Norwegian seminar in the Faces of Diversity project explored how history education and human rights education can mutually reinforce each other. The seminar took place at the EWC premises in Oslo March 7-8.

Launch of Practicing Citizenship

The launching seminar of the Practicing Citizenship programme for the regions of the Russian Federation took place in Budapest, February  21-26.

Preventing racism and hate speech in Estonian schools

EWC was part of a full-day seminar aimed at building competence and awareness among Estonian teachers and students about the challenges of racism and hate speech.

Launching Schools for Democracy

To change mentalities and build a democratic culture you need to start with education. That was the clear message from participants at the launching conference for Schools for Democracy.

Changing schools across Europe

56 school projects in more than 20 countries. The Regional Summer Academies are having an impact across Europe.

Student interest in Competences for a Democratic Culture

EWC’s Claudia Lenz gave a lecture on Council of Europe work on EDC/HRE for about 100 student teachers at the “Week of Democracy” organized by the Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo.

Dembra goes national in Norway

Dembra is expanding into a national Norwegian programme with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Education. On January 7-8,  EWC co-organized a workshop for staff from the Rafto Foundation in Bergen and Falstadsenteret in Trøndelag to transfer knowledge and exchange ideas to prepare their regional Dembra-activities starting autumn 2016.

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