Students at Surami № 2 Public school in Georgia

Children and Parents for School Democracy

Following their participation at the Regional Summer Academy in Poland, Surami № 2 Public school in Georgia set out to increase parent involvement in the school community.

Parents are not usually involved in school activities in Georgia, with the exception of formal class meetings. The project set out to change this by arranging seminars for parents and students and by establishing a parent’s club at the school.

The seminars covered four topics:

• Aims and purposes of education for democratic citizenship and human rights
• Parents’ involvement in school life
• Bullying
• Domestic violence

The most fruitful seminar was on bullying. Parents and students learned how they could prevent, detect and react to bullying and used this new knowledge to deal with real situations at the school.

The project team used Council of Europe materials and found Living in democracy and Democratic Governance of Schools particularly useful. The organizers believe that the project helped parents change their opinion about the school. Whereas they before the project started did not see any reason to cooperate with the school, they now see how the children benefit from their involvement.

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