Students at the Baku European Lyceum in Azerbaijan

Children create interactive human rights exercises

Students at the Baku European Lyceum in Azerbaijan used learning apps to create interactive human rights exercises

The school participated at the 2016 Regional Summer Academy “Democracy at School”, in Poland. There the team started working on the project “Development of democratic values of students in real and virtual space through digital stories”.

In line with the whole school approach, the school team, led by Rahila Aliyarzade and Nigar Rahmanova, made sure that the whole school community was involved throughout all stages of the project.

The fourth-grade class played a particularly important role, supported by mentors from the upper grades. They had class discussions on topics like “Me and my rights in the family, the school, and the community” and “The impact of IT technologies on the lives of children in modern society” as well as role games with titles like “Every voice counts” and “Human rights calendar”.

With the help of two mentors, Aliyarzade Alirza  (8th grade) and Guliyev Murad (7th grade), the students then developed the virtual exercises or presentations covering a broad range of topics such as defining terms associated with citizenship and human rights education, children’s rights, democracy at school, tolerance and others. In addition, students also created posters depicting human rights.
In total the students and mentors developed more than 10 interactive exercises and presentations aimed at promoting learning about human rights and democracy. To review some of the developed interactive exercises (in Russian) please follow the links below:

Find the words
Rights of a child in the family

In addition to successful implementation of this project the Lyceum community launched another project “Democracy” encompassing a series of events (plays, site visits, local meetings in the community, preparing posters on human rights, etc.) aimed at developing democratic competences of students of the 3rd grade.

“EWC highly values and thanks the entire community of the Baku European Lyceum, parents, representatives of the local community for their creativity, enthusiasm and inspiring work in citizenship and human rights education and for sharing the results of the project and the developed interactive exercises with us”, says EWC project officer, Valentina Papeikiene, and concludes:

“We hope that these amazing achievements will serve as an inspiration for all!”

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