Participants at the human rights project in Batumi

Co-create with youth

What we do
Building inclusive schools and communities for and with young people is the aim of the Georgian project «Co-create with Youth». Teachers and youth workers join forces to create innovative school projects together with the students.

10 teachers and 10 youth workers joined the project. The first phase consisted of a residential seminar where the participants explored concepts of human rights education and established partnerships for potential joint projects.

By the end of the training, pairs of teachers and youth workers had clear plans on how they could work together on a school project. During the second phase, the pairs implemented the projects together with youth, addressing the challenges the pupils face in their everyday school life.

In Gardabani Georgia a teacher, Salome Jamburia, teamed up with youth worker Giorgi Iakobadze. Their topic was children’s rights.

“We planed the chosen activities beforehand to implement at school. The Children learned about special books on education of democratic citizenship and human rights and we drew children’s attention to their rights”, Salome Jamburia says.

While in Tbilisi, youth worker Nino Chitishvili and teacher Elene Gaprindashvili designed a project to combat bullying, Aslan Artmeladze (youth worker) and Ia Kublashvili (Teacher) focused on human rights at a school in Batumi.¨

“Participants wanted to continue learning, and they started to plan same project to transfer knowledge about human right to their peers”, they report.

The primus motor of the project is Sulkhan Chargeishvili. Chargeishvili is an alum of the Regional Summer Academy in Poland. He realized the project after participating at a EWC training of trainers in January 2016.

“Non-formal education approaches are a key way to support school students in the process of taking part in democracy. To make this vision a reality we brought together teachers of secondary schools and youth workers actively involved in non-formal education”, he explains.

“There are youth organizations which often stay far away from cooperating with schools. They prefer to implement their own projects by bringing young people together outside the school. But this damages the school’s ability to act as an institution where young people can participate, gain new skills and develop their vision. Co-create with youth creates bridges between the two”.

Co-Create with youth was organized by the youth NGO Human Rights Association and supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. It was based on the principles of Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education. Moreover, Council of Europe resources such as Compass, Compassito, Living in Democracy manuals and Bookmarks were used during implementation of the project.

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