Decorating the room for the No Hate Corner

Cornering hate speech in Montenegro

JU Gimnazaji «Stojan Cerovic” in Niksic, Montenegro, increased youth activism by making an unused room into a No Hate Corner.

The No Hate Corner is a room where students and teachers can meet and plan activities for the No Hate Speech club at the school. The club had many activities last academic year. It organized a panel discussion on the importance of teachers’ involvement in preventing hate speech and they were involved in the planning of the school’s costume ball. They also formed a team of creative students who will contribute to improving school climate through various forms of art.

The No Hate Corner was part of the school project realized by participants at the 2015 Regional Summer Academy in Montenegro. The room was refurbished thanks to financial support from the Directorate for Youth and Sport of Montenegro.

In addition to the corner, the alumni organized training for 33 teacher colleagues on how human rights education can be used to combat hate speech. After the training, the teachers carried out exercises from the Council of Europe manuals Bookmarks and Compass in the classrooms.

In their project report the school team underlines that the No Hate Corner has increased youth activism and that the teacher trainings strengthened the bonds between colleagues.

“Results can be seen in every aspect of our school life, there is a network of students and teachers committed to influence school climate through sending a strong no hate message”, they write in their report.

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