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Developing Social Skills through Teambuilding

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They were very good and talented students, but the class atmosphere was not cooperative. A Regional Summer Academy team from Súkromná základná škola in Senec, Slovakia, aimed to improve the situation by making the 5th graders work in smaller teams and build a better team spirit.

The class was quite new, with students from different schools and with different backgrounds. Some were children with disabilities or from orphanage homes.

“The atmosphere in the class was not cooperative; there were many strong personalities who made the class very difficult. They were not able to communicate and cooperate and some kids were excluded from the group”, the team said in their report about the project F.I.L.I.P.

They set out to make the class a good team and help each individual develop their social skills. First the children helped identify the problem through answering questionnaires. Thereafter, the project group arranged 90 minutes workshops in the classroom every 3 weeks as well as one workshop for both parents and children. Social workers and psychologists assisted in the work. Every workshop was focused on developing different social skills, children worked both individually and in smaller groups.

The work gave results. As one teachers puts it:

“We can feel the change of atmosphere in the 5th class”.

Children communicate better and they are able to cooperate. The improved class atmosphere also resulted in a better school climate and the teachers say they feel more confident. The school will continue the work next year, working together with social workers and psychologists.

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