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Improved communication skills at training for trainers

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“With only twelve participants and four trainers, the course was very different from other trainings I have attended”, says Melinda Mula, who participated at EWC’s first ever training of trainers in education for democratic citizenship.

The training took place in Budapest in January. The twelve participants were all graduates of the Regional Summer Academies. One of them was Melinda Mula from Kosovo*.

“I have participated at and also led many trainings before. But the training of trainers in Budapest was different. There was a very close collaboration between participants and trainers. They really looked at us individually to find out how we could improve”, Melinda said.

“A lot of attention was given to communication. Before the training, we had been asked to be prepared to present any of the Council of Europe manuals on EDC/HRE in two minutes. The problem was that we did not know which one we would have to present”.

“The presentations were recorded. When we saw ourselves at the screens, we could hardly recognize ourselves. I learned the lesson that you do not have the time to say too much. It is better to use few words to express big ideas”.

As with other EWC trainings, participants had to make an action plan to implement back home. Melinda planed a training for teachers in Pristina.

“First I wanted to do everything in one day. However, the trainers told me that would be impossible and that it would be better with two days. They emphasized that I should take the time to build a good climate at the beginning. Not hurry up, but go slowly”.

“When I carried out the training, I noticed that the participants could ask more questions. In other trainings, I have been giving a lot of information. But this one was different”, Melinda says.

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