Emil Karajić

Spreading education for democracy in Slovenia

Regional Summer Academy alum Emil Karajić set up a website and organized a training to introduce the Council of Europe manuals in education for democratic citizenship and human rights to teachers in Slovenia

Karajić took part at the training of trainers course in January 2016 as part of the Learning Democracy and Human Rights programme, run by the Council of Europe and the European Wergeland Centre. After the course he organized a one-day training for 34 teachers in order to raise EDC/HRE awareness and make teachers more familiar with the Council of Europe manuals in the field.
“The one-day training went really well. The teachers liked it a lot and found it very useful. Some were skeptical about actually using the manuals because of the language barrier, but it was useful since it gave them ready-to-go classes to use during home class every week. Also they were surprised by the method of teaching, since they are not used to seminars being so energetic and participatory in Slovenia”, Karajić said.
Organizing everything by himself, preparing the room and the food, was quite exhausting, but well worth it.
“In the end the seminar itself was very fun, so it was all worth it. The planing and implementation phases were not too challenging. I knew what to expect and also how important it is for the participants to be active and have a say in the work we did. The training of trainers had taught me to be bold in organizing the seminar. The seminar lasted well into the late afternoon, after a busy day, but with the help of energizers and icebreakers, the participants were able to be highly motivated throughout”, he said.
Karajić also prepared a website where teachers can find all the manuals in one space and also get a basic idea of what EDC/HRE is all about. 
“I am planning to advertise my EDC/HRE site through Facebook and email. I am also planning to do another EDC/HRE introductory seminar at my school and hopefully do some similar seminars at other schools in my region”.

Karl Johans gate 2,
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Karl Johans gate 2,
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