Children at the the 138 Secondary School Prof. Vassil Zlatarski

Using Compasito in Bulgaria

12th graders at the 138 Secondary School Prof. Vassil Zlatarski have translated parts of Compasito to Bulgarian and organized activities for 2nd and 3rd graders at their school.

Compasito is a manual on human rights education for children published by the Council of Europe. Returning from the 2014 Regional Summer Academy in Montenegro, the Bulgarian team trained five teachers and 12 students in the use of the manual. The students translated eight activities into Bulgarian and together with their teachers they carried out 14 lesson activities in 2nd and 3rd grade.

“At first I was kind of nervous, it's not like I haven't done a presentation in front of people before, but doing it in front of 2ndgraders, well that was new. But during the presentation and after it was over, I felt relieved and happy. My classmate and I had a blast, so did the kids. What got my attention was their teamwork and spirit. The children were able to understand what we were asking them to do and every single one of them actively participated in the discussion”, said Hristina, who carried out the activity with fellow student Ivona.

Ivona and Hristina felt that it was easy to translate the Compasito exercise “Sailing to a new land”, as the language was easy to understand. Their aim when choosing their activity was to trigger the pupils attention through interactivity and fun.

“What surprised us was their incredible liveliness and full commitment to the given topic of human rights. While we had our worries about splitting them into teams, they showed great teamwork. Their mature answers to our questions made us bewildered. I'm sure we have given them new food for thought and I hope that I could do many more presentations alongside Hrisi, without whom I would not have enjoyed so much the whole experience as I have”, said Ivona.

“Lessons were conducted by teams of three people including two students from 12th grade and one teacher. The leading role was given to the students and the teacher role was supportive. The contact between young and older students was exciting for both parties and helped make the project a success”, said Angel Mitov from the Regional Summer Academy team.

Students and teachers translated and presented the following activities: Blindfolder, The battle for the Orange, Rabbits Rights, Who should decide, Silent Speaker, Sailing to a New land, Once Upon a Time, What I Like and What I Do. The project was also presented at the National Student conference in Chirpan “Agression at school”.

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