Students taking part in the project

We want to be together!

Students from a local school in Yaroslavl spent two days learning together with students from a boarding school for children with hearing disabilities. The aim was to increase solidarity among the students.

The two-day inclusive camp was organised in October 2016 by four teachers and education professionals from School no. 37, Boarding school for children with hearing disabilities no. 7 and the civil society organisation “Kentavr”.

The idea first appeared when the organiser team realized that there is a relatively low level of solidarity towards people with limited abilities among youth of the local community, which could, among other factors, be caused by a limited number of interactions or opportunities to take part in common activities.

The activities during the two-day event were based on interactive teaching and learning methods, including those mentioned in the Council of Europe manuals, Compass and Compasito, and focused on tolerance, importance of including everybody and understanding human rights.

Prior to the event and after, the team also conducted reflections sessions with the participants and maintained close contact with the parents. Both parents and students positively evaluated this initiative saying:

“I cannot wait to meet the other students again!” Student, Boarding school for children with hearing disabilities no. 7,

“I did not expect we would find a common language so easily” Students, School no. 37,

“We wish there would be more common initiatives, it is also very important and necessary for our children” Parent of student from School no. 37

The experience was also positive for educators:

“I have seen my students from a different angle. For many this is a first experience of such close cooperation with their peers. I was surprised to see how quickly they got to know each other, with what ease they communicated and how actively they engaged in games and sessions ” Teacher, Boarding school for children with hearing disabilities no. 7

Perhaps the most important lesson learnt by all can be summed up by a quote of a student of School no. 37
“We are not that different”!

The organiser team is now planning the next inclusive camp, which will take place at the end of March.

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