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Related to: 22 July and Democratic Citizenship

EWC, in partnership with Utøya and the 22 July Centre in Oslo, offers a learning programme on 22 July and democratic citizenship. 

The terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya 22 July 2011 prompted an immediate response in Norwegian society for
“more democracy, more openness”. For this to happen, educating young people for democracy and human rights is
key. Not only to prevent hate speech, hate ideologies and violent extremism, but to promote democracy and active

As part of the rebuilding of Utøya following 22 July 2011, the commemoration and learning centre,
Hegnhuset, was completed during the summer of 2016. It offers a unique opportunity for young people to reflect on
what democracy means for them, what are the challenges and threats to democracy, and how they as active citizens
can promote democratic values in their everyday lives.

EWC together with partners organize workshops at Utøya with young people, youth workers, activists
and educators.

Photo © Lars Petter Pettersen

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