Other ongoing projects

In addtion to the major programmes outlined above, EWC also carries out other projects in the field of Education for Democratic Citizenship, Human Rights and Intercultural Understanding with the view of entering into new areas and developing new methods.
Participant at the Baltic Academy 2015

Baltic Summer Academy

The Baltic Summer Academy aims to build the capacity of schools in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to foster an inclusive and democratic culture through promotion and implementation of citizenship and human rights education 

Signposts International Research Network (SIRN)

The Signposts International Research Network (SIRN), is a group of European researchers and curriculum developers concerned to improve the quality of religious and worldview education in schools. All of these scholars are addressing issues identified in a book published by the Council of Europe: Signposts: Policy and practice for teaching about religions and non-religious world views in intercultural education, Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing (Jackson 2014).

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The Slovak Academy

The Slovak  Academy: "Building Inclusive School Environments for All" promotes Human Rights Education in the Slovak Republic.

The Kosovo Academy

The Kosovo Academy is a training course on the whole school approach to Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights.

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Karl Johans gate 2,
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