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Democratization of Schools

Related to: Schools for Democracy in Ukraine

Democratization of Schools supports reforms in secondary education and strengthens national dialogue and social cohesion between different regions of Ukraine. The activities are based on the whole school approach and focus on strengthening democratic culture and fostering development of democratic competences at school.

What: Democratization of Schools is a continuation of the “Schools for Democracy” Programme (2015-2017), a successful national programme in Education for Democratic Citizenship. It supports 240 schools in their democratic development in three main areas: teaching and learning, governance and learning environment, and cooperation between school and local community. It will be operated via regional hubs each supporting up to 30 schools.

For: School students, teachers, school heads, parents, local community actors, education managers and local authorities.

How: Trainings and 15 months mentoring support with regular face-to-face school workshops for capacity building and democratic development of 240 schools in the country; training programme for professional development of teacher trainers and teachers; conferences and mini-grants scheme for strengthening local and regional cooperation between schools; regional introductory seminars for experience sharing with 800 more schools.

Result: Sustainable and systematic democratic changes in school learning environment, governance, teaching and learning, and cooperation with the community.

Organized by: The European Wergeland Centre in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and implementing partner Center of Education Initiatives (Lviv).

Working language: Ukrainian and English

Financed by: The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The European Wergeland Centre

Olena Shynarovska

Programme Coordinator, "Schools for Democracy"
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Olena Shynarovska works as executive director of Center for Educational Initiatives in Lviv (Ukraine), since 2000. She carries out educational activities with children, young people and teachers using a non-formal learning approach. Olena holds a Master’s degree in Journalism from the National University of Lviv (Ukraine). She also studied management in Education at Poznan University of Economics and Business (Poland) in frame of Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program.
EWC involvement: Programme Coordinator (2018-present) Logistics and Communication Consultant (2016-2017.

The European Wergeland Centre

Marina Dyshlovska

925 35 600
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Marina Dyshlovska is an Advisor for the programme Supporting Educational Reforms in Ukraine. Main responsibilities are to ensure appropriate implementation of the Programme and to report to the donor on Programme results.
Ms Marina Dyshlovska holds a Master’s degree in English and Swedish Philology from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Previously worked in the Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv as a project coordinator.

The European Wergeland Centre

Marta Melnykevych-Chorna

Programme Officer
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Ms. Melnykevych-Chorna is Programme Officer for «Schools for Democracy: Supporting Educational Reforms in Ukraine 2017-21.  Ms. Melnykevych-Chorna holds a Master degree in International Relations from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and has a Master of Science in Country studying from Lviv I.Franko National University.

The European Wergeland Centre

Iryna Sabor

Senior Advisor
+47 90 09 42 13
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Iryna Sabor is responsible for the EWC's projects in Ukraine. She holds a Master's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Oslo (Norway) and a Master's in International Economic Relations from the University of Lviv (Ukraine). She has earlier served in the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was posted at the Embassy of Ukraine in Norway. 

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