Academy    •    Poland, Warsaw   •   9th July 2011
Summer Academy: Democracy at School


Education for Democracy and Human Rights

The EWC Training Model offers:

  • Close cooperation with the CoE, national, regional and / or local partners to ensure adaptation in line with national policies and priorities
  • Cooperation between all stakeholders through the exchange of experiences and good practices

What is it about?

The EWC training model is based on a whole school approach to human rights and citizenship education that addresses multiple levels: individual teachers, the classroom, the school and the community.

This approach encourages the active participation of all members within an educational institution and from the community in building an inclusive environment, where principles of human rights and democracy can be learned and practiced.

The training combines a face-to-face seminar with preparatory tasks and an online follow-up
phase. Participants attend in teams from the same school and local community. During training, they analyse their situation at school and in their community to identify desired changes.

Based on this analysis, each team develops an action plan to implement upon return, outlining concrete activities and projects to achieve these changes in their schools and communities.

Participants are supported by systematic follow-up when putting their plans into practice. Regular feedback is provided by a trainer, and communication and collaborative work is facilitated on a customized online platform provided by the EWC.

Who is it for?

The training aims to strengthen the capacity of education professionals and community
representatives to implement and promote the principles and practices of human rights
and democratic citizenship education in their schools and communities. It brings together
teams of local stakeholders such as:

  • School heads
  • Teachers
  • NGOs and youth organizations
  • Local authorities
  • Student and parent representatives

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