Educators' Consultations

Where research meets educational practice

To encourage dialogue among researchers and practitioners, the EWC organizes a series of events in cooperation with European universities and teacher training institutions.

Latest research projects and their key findings related to issues of democratic citizenship, human rights and intercultural understanding are introduced.

The aim is to encourage the dissemination and use of research findings in educational practice.

In an Educators’ Consultation:
  • Researchers present research findings relevant for educators’ professional practice
  • Participants get to discuss relevant research findings with researchers
  • Organisers moderate the interaction and facilitate the cooperative development of ideas and initiatives for educational practice

An Educators’ Consultation
  • Can be adapted according to local or national context
  • Can be organized as a one or two day seminar, or as a component of a larger event
  • Can be a national or international event and can be held in any language

Download the Educators' Consultation Information Leaflet for further details 

In 2011/12, the Educators' Consultations focus on the findings of the IEA International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) and also the CoE Charter on EDC and HRE.

The ICCS 2009 International Report: Civic knowledge, attitudes and engagement among lower secondary students in 38 countries presents results of analyses designed to investigate students’ knowledge and understanding of civics and citizenship in a European context and their perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors with respect to specific European-related civic and political issues, institutions, and policies. The ICCS was carried out by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA).

The findings of the ICCS study, which was published in autumn 2010, are highly interesting with regard to basic challenges of EDC in schools. The findings indicate a gap between pupils' "civic knowledge" on the one hand and their willingness to engage actively in the political life of their society (with the exception of taking part in elections/using their right to vote). 

Educators' Consultation 2013

January: Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Educators' Consultations 2012:

January: Hamburg, Germany

April: Vienna, Austria

October: Warsaw, Poland

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