Glossary Peer Learing Started

The first peer learning activity of the intercultural glossary project has started. During the fall term, students from the educational faculties of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim and the University of Hamburg (Germany) collaboratively explore key concepts in the field of history didactics and history culture.

The course in which the glossary project is carried out at the NTNU, is led by Knut Vesterdal and is entitled “Cultural meetings”. In the spring semester, the project will be part of the course “key concepts for critical understanding of society”. The German students have started their semester too, with the course “European Memory Culture” led by Hildegard Wacker.

8-10 students are involved in the project at each institution. The first texts from the Norwegian students are published on the educational platform EduCommSy, and the first digital dialogues between the students across the border are about to start.

The students work with the following concepts: heritage, multiculturality, antisemittism, islamophobia, European identity. The idea is to make each of the students choose one of the concepts for further investigation.

Step 1 is to give a personal account of what meaning(s) the chosen concept has for the student.
Step 2 is to explore what scientific definitions the concept is given.
Step 3 is to examine in what context and for what purposes the concept is used in contemporary society and
Step 4 is to study how the concept is used historically and trace changes in the content over time.
The 5th and last step will be to end the work with a final and concluding text about the historical and contemporary understanding and use of the concept.

All steps shall be written and published on the educational platform EduCommSy of the University in Hamburg where also the Norwegian students now have access. The results will serve as models for the entries of the online glossary which is under development.

A study visit of the German students to Norway in the beginning of 2012 is planned. This face-to-face meeting will be an extra motivating and constructive event in the project process.

Further reports and documentation from the project will be published at the EWC website in due course.

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