Teacher Training

EWC-Pestalozzi Programme Seminars
The Pestalozzi workshop "From Division to Diversity: Educational Challenges related to Past and Present" took place 19 - 23 September in Falstad, Norway. Teachers and teacher trainers from 16 European countries attended this workshop. Read more...
Summer Academy in Poland
Summer Academy menu The Summer Academy: Democracy at School 2011 took place 9-16 July in Warsaw, Poland. It offers training for teams of head teachers, teachers, and NGO/parents' representatives in the field of education for human rights and democratic citizenship. Read more...  
Community of Practice

In partnership with the CoE Pestalozzi Programme and Copyleft Solutions, the EWC is developing an online community of practice for education professionals in the field. As an online social network and project management tool, it provides participants with the means to communicate, work, cooperate and find resources.