The Summer Academy 2011 – What’s on now?

In July this year, 30 head teachers, teachers and local community actors from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine participated in The Summer Academy: Democracy at School in Poland. The Academy combines a one week face to face training and a 9 month online follow-up for teams of participants in the field of education for democratic citizenship (EDC) and human rights (HRE). The training is change oriented, and aims to enable participants to implement principles of EDC and HRE in their own practice, and to act as multipliers.

The participants are now three months into phase two; implementation and online follow-up.

The Summer Academy has three focus areas; democratic school governance, EDC and HRE core competences for teachers and learners and community partnerships, which are also taken into consideration when planning local changes. As part of the implementation, the teams develop an action plan describing local challenges and aims. The plans serve as basis for the online follow-up, which started in September. On a customized platform, the teams share their plans and experiences while implementing projects and activities locally, with one of the trainers facilitating discussions, and providing continuous feedback and support. So far, the teams show a great range of approaches, and they have already completed several activities. Below are some examples:

Democratic school governance
  • Workshops for head teachers on democratic school governance, both from their own and partner schools (Russia)
  • Students´ contest on good ideas for students’ involvement in the decision making processes. The initiative resulted in a Facebook page, where students are active in school related discussions (Georgia)

EDC and HRE competences for teachers and learners
  • Workshops for teachers on core competences, communication and school cultures (Russia, Armenia, Moldova);
  • Workshop for students on human rights (Moldova);
  • Celebration of Human Rights Day at school (Poland);

Community partnerships
  • Meeting with parents and students, and deciding to establish interest clubs at school (Georgia);
  • Contacting local businesses to create partnerships (Georgia)

Until May 2012, the teams will continue working and reporting on actions locally. Their activities will be collected in a final report, and not only be an inspiration for future participants, but also serve as examples of good practice for other practitioners.
Extramural activities
Responding to the great interest in this year’s Summer Academy, one of the trainers is giving online consultations and guidance to the non-selected teams, in order for them to get familiar with the principles of EDC and HRE and two of the main manuals; How all teachers can support citizenship and human rights education: a framework for the development of competences and Democratic governance of schools.

By December, 105 people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine had registered on the platform. In January they will develop local projects aimed towards change.

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