National Liaison Officers of the CoE Pestalozzi Programme met in Uppsala

The 14th meeting of the National Liaison Officers (NLO) was held in Uppsala/ Sweden on September 24-25, 2010. Representatives from more than 30 countries attended the meeting, together with representatives from partner institutions, networks of trainers, the Council of Europe (CoE) Steering Committee for Education and the CoE Secretariat of the Pestalozzi Programme.

The objectives of the meeting were to strengthen the communication within the network of NLOs, to discuss recent developments at the Council of Europe and the CoE Pestalozzi Programme of training activities.

During the meeting the role of the Pestalozzi Programme in the Council of Europe was discussed and time was also spent on exploring the nature of transversal skills, attitudes and values and their importance for all learners and for societies.

The European Wergeland Centre introduced its capacity building activities, in particular its database and the forthcoming Online Learning Platform. The participants welcomed this development and expressed great expectations for this new working and communication tool.

Special Adviser Gunnar Mandt from the EWC took part in the meeting.

The Pestalozzi Programme is the Council of Europe flagship programme for the professional development of teachers and education actors. Read more about the Network of National Liaison Officers.