Youth Democracy Award

The papers in this volume were commissioned six months after the Norwegian terror attacks to examine the current and future challenges from the radical right – both violent and non-violent.

The volume opens with a policy brief, setting out what we know about both the rise of the radical right and asks important questions about the known or potential links between the two that need to guide policy formation.

Although cautious about overstating the rise of both, it seeks to understand what is happening on the ground and how the picture differs across Europe. It closes with a number of recommendations for policy makers and practitioners and those looking to commission new data and research to fill the current knowledge gaps.

The first paper, written by Vidhya Ramalingam, explores the ‘rise’ of non-violent radical right political parties, which operate within the framework of democracy. The second paper, written by Dr. Matthew Goodwin, examines violent right-wing extremist movements, groups and individuals and assesses the threat of terrorism and violence from the extreme right.

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